Laptop vs. Desktop

Laptop vs. Desktop

The long-lasting argument within the computing world over whether laptops or desktops are the better choices continues to rage on to this day. The simple answer is that there is no clear-cut winner, with a number of advantages and disadvantages to both in a variety of different criteria, meaning it is up to the individual to determine what features are most important to their specific needs and which of the two would offer them the best solution. Go to this website in order to acquire additional information about Laptops, desktops, gadgets, and software as well.


Both are still generally widely available to purchase but laptops now have so many subgenres such as netbooks, multimedia, and ultra-portables that there is arguably more to choose from within the laptop market. Several major manufacturers have turned to produce them, whether they started out in desktops or different electrical goods altogether; so be it Samsung laptops, Dell netbooks, or Apple Macs, there seems to be a laptop to suit everyone.


This is one category where laptops are the clear and unequivocal winner. Designed for this very reason, their thin, compact, and lightweight build combined with their ability to operate without the use of wires makes them ideal for working or browsing while on the go. Desktops however are far too bulky to regularly move and their heavy, separate monitors make them totally unsuited for traveling.

Processor speed

Higher processing speeds that rival those of desktops are becoming increasingly available in some laptops, but they are not yet as standard and often come at a hefty price. If you do a lot of gaming, video streaming, and other high-performance demanding tasks then a desktop would generally still be your best bet.

Screen and Keyboard size

It used to be understood that a desktop screen and keyboard would always be able to beat what a laptop could offer in terms of size but this is not always necessarily the case anymore. With the arrival of multimedia laptops came the availability of a portable computer with a screen designed for gaming, watching movies, and utilizing editing software, meaning the two are now on something of an even keel. Do not forget to visit this website for useful information about modern technologies.


Desktops tend to require a fair bit of setup, even just in terms of hooking everything up and connecting it all together, whereas laptops are designed to be ready to use right from the moment you unbox them and press the power button for the first time. With features such as touchpads, Wi-Fi, and even just their portable nature, they are far more practical for modern-day use in most cases.


For many people, the technology they use is as much a statement of status and ownership as it is actual practicality. For these people, a laptop would perhaps be the best option since overall, desktop PCs have seen a major decline in sales in recent years making it justifiable to argue that laptops and other portable devices are more popular for the modern consumer.


This one is difficult to compare directly as the features offered on a laptop and a desktop are often quite different. Generally speaking, a high-quality desktop aimed at professionals will be more expensive than a top-range laptop but the power of even a standard desktop can easily outweigh even a high-end portable alternative, meaning that desktops, while perhaps more expensive at times, can offer more for your money in terms of capabilities. Ultimately, it depends on the required use of the machine as to which will offer you what you need for the most reasonable price. If you still have some questions in mind regarding PCs, laptops, and other devices, kindly visit the website: