How To Give A Restaurant The ‘wow’ Factor


Most people would agree that, unless they are popping out for a burger, pizza or kebab, the surroundings of where they choose to eat are just as important as the food they are served. Indeed, there is a very little point in ordering the most delectable food in town if the restaurant it is served in has all the ambiance of a school canteen.

Consumers are a pretty discerning bunch these days. They know they are spoilt for choice in almost all commercial sectors and as such, they maintain high expectations; expectations which they expect to be met. Any restaurant that does not have the ability to ‘wow’ its patrons with impressive environs and scrummy food will see a pretty immediate decline in custom as it is a fact few consumers are willing to return to a place that affords a poor initial dining experience. If you are looking for a website that provides you with complete information about healthy and nutritional food, then visit this website for helpful information.

The fact of the matter is, any restaurant that wants to be successful must look the part.

The question is: what is the best way to achieve this?

Well, whilst there are of course a great many decorative and interior design avenues for restaurateurs to go down nowadays, it is fair to say that few options are as bold or as likely to leave customers saying ‘wow’ as smart privacy glass.

Smart glass explained

Smart privacy glass is essentially partitions of glass which can change from being transparent in appearance to opaque in a matter of seconds. One moment this type of glass is as crystal clear as a large, freshly cleaned window; the next it is completely fogged and frosty – completely opaque. This is achieved by sending and maintaining an electric current throughout the glass so all a user needs to do to switch from transparent to opaque is press a button or turn a dial.

Adaptable versatility

Needless to say, this type of electric privacy glass can be invaluable in a restaurant environment as it enables restaurateurs to completely transform the look and feel of their venue with just the flick of a switch. For example, restaurant owners who want to provide their patrons with a nice, open, bright dining area – perhaps to make the most of a sunny lunchtime service – can put the glass on its transparent setting. Later on the though, when the sun has gone down and customers are looking to enjoy a more intimate dining experience, the restaurant can be turned into a more cosy, private venue simply by turning the glass to its opaque setting.

Of course, some people may say that the same thing could be achieved with curtains or blinds. While this is true to a certain extent, it is a fact that these measures look really quite clumsy and old-fashioned when compared to electric glass. Indeed, smart privacy glass doesn’t blow around noisily in the wind or let in sunlight from certain angles, it simply gets on with the job of looking very, very cool. Do not forget to read this article for more information about the top best restaurants.