How to Find an Attorney When Charged with a High Range PCA


Being charged with a high-range PCA (Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol) is a serious offence which can result in stiff fines, a loss of one’s license and even 2 years in prison. Because the penalties are so severe, those who have been charged with having a high-range PCA almost always enlist the help and guidance of a criminal defence lawyer. Click here to get more details about legal laws.

The lawyer you hire to defend you in court will have a significant impact on the penalties you end up facing. Defendants must choose their attorney wisely in order to enjoy the most positive outcome of their case. To help you make the best decision for your particular case, here are the qualities you should be looking for in a high-range PCA attorney:

The Attorney Should Be Experienced in a High Range of PCA Cases

There is no shortage of criminal defence attorneys here in Australia, but not every criminal defence attorney is familiar with PCAs. Most attorneys will have one or two criminal ‘specialities’ which receive the majority of their care and attention. In order to build the strongest defence, you will want an attorney who is very experienced or specialises in defending individuals charged with high-range PCA.

The Attorney Should Have Great Interpersonal Skills

Nothing is worse than trying to get along with an attorney who is inattentive or who is treating you as if you are guilty of the crime they are supposed to be defending you against. This is not to say that your attorney should be overconfident and promise to have your charges completely dismissed in court. He or she should be realistic and be able to forge a trusting relationship with you. You should feel comfortable in sharing all pertinent information with your attorney and should not feel as if you must hold some things back. Get detailed information about hiring a professional lawyer on this website:

The Attorney Should Be Analytical and Creative

The best criminal defence attorneys are those who are able to take in a large amount of information at one time and make sense of it. The attorney should be able to break that information down and decipher what information is important, what information is irrelevant, and what areas should be more deeply explored to improve the outcome of your case. He or she should be able to come up with a creative and reasonable solution to your situation based on the information he or she receives.

The Attorney Should Have Great Research Skills

Preparing any legal strategy will require research. However, proving that one is innocent or deserves a reduced PCA charge requires more in-depth research and connections with industry experts. You can begin to develop a sense of how well your attorney is able to conduct research in your initial consultation when speaking about your case.

Listen to the questions the attorney asks during the consultation and to the possible strategies he or she will explore to build the strongest defence. If you feel comfortable and confident when hearing his or her questions and responses and feel that the attorney has displayed his or her expertise in defending PCA charges, you have likely found the right criminal defence attorney for your case. Are you interested in learning more about attorney issues? Then look at this website to get more details.