A Summary of NCERT and CBSE Textbooks for Class 7

NCERT and CBSE Textbooks

As you visit different schools, you will notice that in most subjects, if not all, they use specific standard textbook series. The textbooks of the respective subjects depend on the focus and design of the curriculum. Standard textbooks are significant in schools as they ensure uniformity in what students learn irrespective of their geographical location in the country. In India, the most used textbooks are NCERT and CBSE books. These books are available for any class including 6th and 7th classes and Byju gives a summary of them below. Join Byju’s classes for class 7 preparation. You can also visit this website https://www.blogs4us.com/ for useful information about schools, colleges, and universities.

Advantages of using NCERT and CBSE textbooks

These textbooks have different advantages:

  • They provide guidelines, particularly for beginning teachers. They spell out the material to be taught in detail
  • They explain a topic in organized units in that in order to cover a specific topic in detail, the textbook sub-divides the topic into detailed units; this gives you a reading plan
  • This textbook series not only provides a reader with a balanced presentation of data but the data is also chronological in alignment
  • NCERT and CBSE textbooks provide teachers and administrators with a full program. The sequence typically puts into consideration the latest teaching and research strategies
  • They are perfect aids for teaching; beneficial to both students and teachers.

Byju’s point to note:

A textbook is beneficial only if the teacher or student uses it perfectly. Always remember that a textbook is a very crucial and vital tool in the learning arsenal. However, that doesn’t mean that you should over-rely or focus all your attention on textbooks. Some might be outdated or misguided or even insufficiently cover a certain topic, therefore, be very wary in your choice. Avoid textbooks that have these weaknesses. If you want to learn more about beneficial textbooks for your exam preparation, visit this dedicated website https://globenews12.com/ for useful information.

NCERT and CBSE textbooks for class 7 are good learning and teaching resources for 7th-grade students depending on how well they are used. If the 7th-grade student or teacher is a competent person then undoubtedly the book will be extremely beneficial to them. Therefore, the significance of the book depends on how the book is used.

Remember, no NCERT or CBSE book is perfect or complete. However, they are a resource at the teacher’s or student’s disposal. You can choose to use them as outlines, blueprints, or guidebooks. How you use them is what defines their perfection or imperfections.

Perhaps, all you need to do is to add a note of caution: do not be misguided or mistaken to base your entire class 7 curriculum on a specific or single textbook. The textbook, be it NCERT or CBSE book, should be used by the teacher or student judiciously. Compare your academics to furniture building and you as the carpenter. You will not use a hammer alone if you intend to come up with a magnificent piece of furniture. You may need to use a sander, chisel, plane, saw or any other tool for you to build the masterpiece that you intend to build.

National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT)

The Indian Government set up NCERT as a top resource institute to advise and assist the state government on issues related to academics and school education. Although faced with many controversies, NCERT model textbooks are beneficial to students in their academic development. Do not forget to visit this dedicated website https://getnewsupdate.net/ for useful information about highly reputed educational institutes.